Dr. Boris J. Lurie







Prior to retirement, Boris J. Lurie, Ph. D., Sc. D., was Senior Staff Member in the Guidance and Control Analysis Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. He designed spacecraft attitude control and instrument control systems for several spacecraft including Cassini, STRV, Mars Pathfinder, DS-1, and Chemistry, and received many NASA awards.

Previously, he designed RF feedback amplifiers and telecommunication systems at TRW and other companies, and taught nonlinear system stability and oscillation, feedback control, network synthesis, and RF and analog electronics at several universities.

His publications include over 100 papers, 9 patents and 8 books on application of feedback in telecommunication systems and control, and on feedback amplifiers. The most recent books are:
Classical Feedback Control with MATLAB and Simulink 2nd ed. written with Dr. Paul J. Enright, CRC Press, 2012, and Feedback Maximization, Artech House, 1986.

Free Stuff: the Bode Step Toolbox of MATLAB functions


Boris J. Lurie
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E-mail: bolurie@gmail.com