Classical Feedback Control
Appendix 11   Discussions
A11.1   Compensator implementation
A11.2   Feedback: positive and negative
A11.3   Tracking systems
A11.4   Elements (links) of the feedback system
A11.5   Plant transfer function uncertainty
A11.6   The Nyquist stability criterion
A11.7   Actuator's output impedance
A11.8   Integral of feedback
A11.9   Bode integrals
A11.10   The Bode phase-gain relation
A11.11   What limits the feedback?
A11.12   Feedback maximization
A11.13   Feedback maximization in multi-loop systems
A11.14   Nonminimum phase functions
A11.15   Feedback control design procedure
A11.16   Global stability and absolute stability
A11.17   Describing functions and nonlinear dynamic compensation
A11.18   Multi-loop systems
A11.19   MIMO systems
A11.20   Bode's Book