Dr. Boris J. Lurie


Depending on the state of Dr. Lurie's health, he is prepared to offer lectures on Advanced Nonlinear Multiloop Classical Control. The lectures teach practical design of robust high-order nonlinear controllers for single-input, single-output and multi-input, multi-output, linear and nonlinear, analog and digital control systems. The controllers maintain nearly optimal performance during search, acquisition, and tracking. Several such controllers designed for space systems will be discussed in detail.

The controllers are implemented as aggregations of high-order linear controllers with some nonlinear links that provide smooth transition between the linear controllers in accordance with the features and the value of the feedback error. The design is based on Bode integrals, on absolute stability methods, and on using describing functions.

Using Bode integrals allows estimating the available performance in advance thus shortening the design time. For system engineers, this simplifies the system-level trades, and for control design contractors, greatly improves the chances of writing winning proposals.